Healthy gums mean a healthy smile. Periodontics is the brand of dentistry concerned with the treatment of severe gum disease and any gum surgery. The gums provide vital support and protection for your teeth so it is important that they are looked after.

Periodontal maintenance

Gum disease can develop into an aggressive condition that attacks gum tissue and bone tissue, eventually causing tooth loss. While this stage of the disease isn’t curable, periodontal maintenance can help save your teeth.

A hygienist can remove deep tartar from the root surface. This is known as root planing (or debridement) and, as it involves deeper cleaning under the gum line, the procedure may require an anaesthetic. We can also remove infected tissue to prevent the condition from spreading.

Gum surgery

Gums can recede for a number of reasons, but the main cause is gum disease. Receding gums can cause increased sensitivity as more of the tooth root is exposed. It also causes instability and teeth may need splints to prevent movement.

Gum grafts can restore gum tissue over the areas of concern, reducing the appearance of receding gums and provide much needed support.

Similarly, we can also provide gum contouring and gingivectomies for excess gum and uneven gum lines. If you have excess gum, we can remove it, providing a more even finish for your smile.

Implant maintenance

Dental implants are fantastic for replacing missing teeth and retaining dentures, however they can become vulnerable to gum conditions such as gum disease. If the gum around the implants becomes infected, it can affect the integrity of the gums and bone. A dentist can maintain the supporting structures, saving the implant from failing.

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