Sports guards, or gum shields, protect your teeth when engaging in any contact sports such as rugby, hockey, boxing or martial arts. We offer custom-made sports guards that are moulded perfectly to your teeth. These provide much more reliable protection and are less likely to slip. They are made from a strong, yet pliable, material which cushions your teeth against damage such as clips, cracks and tooth loss. They can also help protect your jaw and softer areas such as the lips, tongue and cheeks.

For the perfect fit, we take an impression of your teeth, which is sent to the laboratory for manufacture of your customised sports guard. Once fabricated, we call you back for an appointment to fit the appliance and will make sure it fits correctly.

Why have a custom-made sports guard?

While the gum shields you can buy at a sports shop are cheaper, they are less effective at providing protection. These ‘boil and bite’ mouth guards are made from a softer material as they need to be moulded at home. As we use impressions of your teeth which are then used to craft the sports guard, they will have a better fit. They are also made from a harder, denser plastic which provides a far more adequate protection.

You can also choose to have your name printed on the guard so you don’t lose it.

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